Holiday park entertainment

In the evening, the party continues

You have enjoyed the whole day in the amusement park, but in the evening the party really gets going in the Music Hall.  We have a wide range of entertainment for our guests at the holiday park.

Crafts in the Kidsclub

Are you already awake before the attractions open? Then come and enjoy some arts and crafts before 9 A.M! During your stay the kids do lots of craft activities. Make the most beautiful arts and crafts!

Randy & Rosie Disco

Swing along with Randy & Rosie in the Music Hall. Dancing with the best dance hits from the speakers. What moves will you learn from Randy & Rosie?

Red Bandit Dance Party

Give all your energy out at the Red Bandit Dance Party with John & Valerie Bring your whole family to this crazy party, because parents are guaranteed to love it, too!

Tracking and quizzes

Come and join the family treasure hunt through the amusement park with the Red Bandits. Or take part in the Pub Quiz or the Family Game Show. Do you know everything about Slagharen? Then you have the chance to win great prizes.

Ameezing Bingo

If you are a real bingo lover, you can indulge yourself in Slagharen. During bingo with Sheriff Sam, there is always a party and you have the chance to win great prizes! But the really fun bingo is the Ameezing Bingo! The hit bingo with well-known international pop music is guaranteed to make for a fun evening.

Did you know?

Randy & Rosie at the mill have their own mailbox. Here you can throw in a nice letter, beautiful drawing or cool craft. Don't forget to put your name on it because Randy & Rosie might send a message back.