Crazy First

Every 1st of the month, a crazy action!

It's time for Crazy First. Every 1st day of the month, a crazy action that only lasts 24 hours! You don't want to miss this. 

Only on the first of October during Crazy First: high discount on tickets

Don't miss this promotion. On October 1 only, tickets for €12.50 each. Go upside down in the Gold Rush or tame the wild bulls of El Torito. Make your wishes come true during Western Wish Fall. the park will be decorated in the autumn atmosphere, with pumpkins, lanterns, straw bales and a special wishing tree will adorn Fountain Square. All Childeren, fathers and mothers, grandfather and grandmother can make a wish. Maybe Farmer Frank and his scarecrows make your wish come true.

 This deal is only valid during the month of October.

How do you buy during Crazy First?

  • Every 1st day of the month, we have a great promotion! 
  • Go to this page
  • Choose the date you want to come and for how many persons
  • Complete all the details and pay your order
  • You will receive your confirmation in your mailbox

This is how it works

The deal starts on October 1st on 0 a.m. and is valid for 24 hours. This offer can only be booked online Oct. 1. This deal is only valid during the month of October.