Family day in Slagharen

Enjoy a pleasant day out with colleagues, family or friends. Discover more than 30 exciting rides and shows. Read all about the possibilities for a family day on this page.

Day out for the whole family

What could be more fun than enjoying a day in an amusement park with your colleagues or friends?

  • Access to the amusement park
  • More than 30 exciting attractions

Make your family day complete

More and more companies are giving their events and outings a familiar approach. A pleasant day away from the company in combination with the whole family. We have something for everyone and have various options to make your family day complete.

Your family day program could look like this:

  • Arrival at Theme Park & Resort Slagharen with a joint reception
    This can consist of a reception with coffee and a snack. The children are also thought of with lemonade, fristi or chocolate milk and some goodies.
  • Everyone can enjoy the attractions and visit the shows.
  • Lunch 
    Lunch can be shared by means of a lunch buffet or sandwich lunch. You can also choose to give everyone a snack voucher, so that everyone can eat when they want.
  • Communal moment 
    Still come together on this day for a word or to conclude together.
  • Dinner 
    If you want to end the day well, a joint dinner should not be missed. Various buffets are available, such as an American buffet or a BBQ buffet.

Park buyout

Do you want to enjoy the amusement park with only invitees with your staff and / or relations? Then a park buyout is one of the options. You can opt for a full day buyout, but an evening buyout or buyout of some attractions is also possible.

When will you come by?

Contact us and we will be happy to help you plan an unforgettable day out with colleagues or friends. We can be reached via +31 (0)523 - 68 40 00 (option 2) or