Frequently asked questions about the theme park

I have entered the wrong e-mail address / postal address, what now?

Did you enter incorrect information when ordering a ticket or booking a stay? Contact us at 0523-683000 or send an email to, we are happy to help!

I have not received confirmation of my tickets. What can I do?

If you have ordered tickets through our website, but have not yet received a confirmation, we recommend that you check the junk e-mails folder. If the confirmation is also not in this folder, please send an email to We are happy to help you!

What is the entrance fee to the amusement park?

We work with a dynamic pricing policy on our website and at the checkout. Below the prices are almost daily different, check the prices on our calendar.

What is the delivery time for a season pass?

The delivery time of a subscription is a maximum of 5 working days.

Where do I buy a parking ticket and what does it cost?

You can buy your parking ticket at the reception, cash register or vending machines. This costs 8,50.

Can I smoke in the amusement park?

Theme Park & Resort Slagharen has a limited number of smoking locations spread over the amusement park. The rest of the amusement park is completely non-smoking.

Can tickets be changed to another date?

It is possible to change the date of tickets. If tickets are changed to a day with a higher price, the difference must be paid before the new date can be confirmed. Contact us at

Can my expired tickets be exchanged or returned?

No, unfortunately tickets cannot be exchanged or returned.

Can my e-tickets be scanned from mobile phone?

Yes, tickets can be scanned from the mobile upon entry.

Can I upgrade my season pass?

It is possible to upgrade a season pass to a more expensive variant. You can purchase an upgrade at the theme park reception.

I want to give the ticket as a gift, is this possible?

Tickets purchased via are not personal and can therefore be given as a gift.

The amount paid has been debited twice, how can I get this back?

If the order has been debited from your account twice, please send us an email at State the order number of the order and a print screen of the charges. The overpaid amount will be refunded within 30 days.