Autumn holiday in Slagharen

Experience Slagharen in autumn atmosphere

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To Slagharen in the autumn holidays

The days are getting shorter, and nature is turning golden yellow. Slowly the leaves fall from the trees, and we dress ourselves warmer. What are your plans for the autumn holidays? It's time to enjoy your family and do fun activities.

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Western Wish Fall

Western Wish Fall

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The Miracle of Wishaka!

The Miracle of Wishaka!

5 tips during autumn in Slagharen

  1. Go visit Randy & Rosie
  2. Plan an autumn walk through the Vechtdal
  3. Discover the Wild West adventure
  4. Spend the night in the middle of colourful nature
  5. Slide down the slide in Aqua Mexicana

Discover Western Wish Fall in Slagharen

Leaves turn golden yellow and warm jumpers are pulled on: autumn has begun again. From 9 October, during Western Wish Fall, Themepark & Resort Slagharen will be in full autumnal mood. The park is beautifully decorated with pumpkins, lanterns, lights and bales of straw, and there is a special wishing tree on Fountain Square. All children, but also fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers can make a wish. It is a very special tree that Farmer Frank has on the prairie. Farmer Frank himself also had a wish, namely that his scarecrows would come to life. His wish came true! The scarecrows now help Farmer Frank to hang all the wishes in the tree. But also, to protect the wishes from the Red Bandits. They have opened their hunt for the wishes. They won't run off with your wish!


Randy & Rosie Show: The miracle of Wishaka

Randy & Rosie shine in a new show this autumn and winter! An exciting show full of cheerful songs and new stories; fun for the whole family. The show is all about the wishing tree, which is full of wishes. Farmer Frank also hung Randy's wish in the wishing tree. But when this wish comes true, things go haywire. Randy & Rosie wants the wish to be reversed. But that is not easy. Farmer Frank tells of a mysterious mole who lives deep underground. Perhaps he can help... But no one has ever seen him, and no one knows if he really exists. Come to the show if you want to know how it ends. The show can be seen at the Music Hall from 16 October.


Are you staying the night? Plan it in the autumn holidays

Do you always have to check when the autumn holidays begin? We know it That is why we have put a reminder below.

School holidays

Autumn break

Autumn break

North and central
Start up
15 October
22 October
Ends on
23 October
30 October
Week number
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Experience the Wild West of Slagharen the whole season!

Experience the Wild West of Slagharen the whole season!