Indian summer in September

As soon as the summer holidays are over, the low season starts. During the low season, holidays are often slightly cheaper than during the high season. That means you have money left over to do even more fun things like eating ice cream, going out or a longer stay at Slagharen.

Apart from the price, a holiday in September offers even more advantages. Read on quickly.

More laps in the Apollo and the Gold Rush

The park is also less crowded during the low season. After all, all children go back to school. That means shorter queues for your favourite  attraction. So come and take an extra lap in the Apollo and the Gold Rush.

Something extra to look forward to

It seems so long ago already: the summer holidays. Do you need to get away from it all again? Then book a weekend or midweek break in September or October. Then you have another nice trip to look forward to.

Enjoying the late summer sunshine

If we look at recent years, September also seems like summer. How nice it is to be able to enjoy some extra sunshine while the summer holidays are already over.

Your next holiday is just around the corner

A holiday in September or early October also means that you do not have to wait as long for your next holiday. Before you know it, the autumn break or Christmas break will have begun.

Spend the night in Slagharen

  • Nevada

    Is one day not enough to discover everything in the park? Why not spend a night in style in one of the Nevada's?

  • Raccoon Lodge

    Discover the Raccoon Lodge suitable for up to 6 adults with three bedrooms, one of which is a box bed. 

  • Cowboy Cottage

    Fully themed in Wild West atmosphere and within walking distance of the amusement park. What more could a cowboy want?

Book your holiday in September

In and around Slagharen

It's family time! Being together every day: eating together, exploring and playing games. Apart from an extensive amusement park, there is much more to do in Slagharen and its surroundings. Slagharen holiday park is located in the beautiful Vechtdal. A place where you can sail the canoe over the Vecht, walk along historic paths and characteristic farmhouses. 

Experience the Wild West of Slagharen the whole season!

Experience the Wild West of Slagharen the whole season!