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In this à la carte restaurant Cartwright's, located in the atmospheric Main Street you can relax with a drink in the sun on the terrace or in less weather.


Enjoy our lunch, dinner & drinks menu. You have come to the right place for good grill dishes. In a cozy wild west atmosphere you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner here.

Cartwright's menu


Grilled cheese sandwich  5,50
Grilled cheese with ham & cheese*
Angus burger  12,-
Angus lunch burger with lettuce, tomato, cheddar and smokey BBQ sauce
Fried eggs 7,50
Ham & cheese*
Sandwino Cancun  7,50
With smoked salmon, lettuce, guacamole and red onion
Totem sandwich 8, -
2 Kwekkeboom croquettes on a bun *
* choice of rustic white sourdough bread or dark rustic multigrain bread


Sherrif's meal  4,50
Break bread with herb butter
Bitterballs 6, -
6 Kwekkeboom bitterballen with mustard
Nachos from the oven 6,- 
With pulled chicken, onion, tomato, jalapenos and cheese
Chickenwings  6,-
In a bucket with chili sauce


Rijk gevulde tomatensoep  5,50
With sour cream and chives (vegetarian)
Ceasar salad  10,-
Roman lettuce with bacon, smoked chicken, anchovies, egg, ceaser dressing and Parmesan cheese *
Cowboy soup  5,50
With tomato, onion and beans with sour cream and spring onion
Smoked salmon  10,50
With lettuce, ricotta and fresh herbs *
Carpaccio  11,-
With lettuce, truffle mayonnaise, roasted hazelnuts and Parmesan cheese
* can also be ordered as a meal salad

Main dishes

Black Jacks Angus burger  17,50
180 grams of angus burger with lettuce, tomato, fried onion, cheddar and smokey bbq sauce (also available as vegetarian).
Honey Glazed Sticky Ribs  19,50
Home marinated
Real American Striplion Steak  19,50
225 gr grilled steak served with black pepper ranch sauce
Old John's Grilled Smokey Salmon  17,-
Grilled salmon fillet
Wild Wild East Spicy Chicken Saté  18,-
Home marinated served with spicy satay sauce
Vegetarian tortilla 15,- 
With white cabbage, kidney beans, onion, tomato, bell pepper, parsley and cheese

All main courses are served with a salad, fries and fries sauce.


Red Bandit burger 8,- 
With lettuce, tomato, burger relish, fries and sauce
Fish & chips 8,- 
batter-fried cod served with fries and sauce
Snackman 8,-
Skewer with meatball, chicken nugget, frikandel, fries and sauce


Coupe cookies 7.50
Chocolate cookies ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Sorbet Coupe 7.50
Raspberry and lemon sorbet with seasonal fruit, merengues and whipped cream
Strawberry cheesecake coupe 7.50
Strawberry cheesecake, white chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream
Children's ice cream 7.50
Randy or Rosie cup filled with vanilla ice cream, speckles and whipped cream


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