Frontier Café

Time for a cup of coffee!

The place for a good cup of coffee is the Frontier Café. In addition to tasty coffee, you also get something delicious for it and fresh for the children.

Puro Coffee by Frontier Café

At Slagharen we serve Puro Coffee. Puro leaves the right foot pressure throughout the process. Fair trade, love for nature, coffee roasted on solar energy, recycling of organic coffee waste and packaging with a second life. That's Puro. We are proud to serve Puro Coffee, because in addition to a good cup of coffee, it is responsible, CO2 neutral and, above all, is made by people with love and passion.

Assortiment Frontier Café

Warme dranken

Koffie  2,50Cappuccino  2,75
Espresso  2,50Koffie verkeerd  2,90
Latte Macchiato  2,90 
Thee  2,50Warme Chocomel  2,50
slagroom + 0,50
Thermobeker koffie  6,-Koffie refill  1,50


Coca-Cola  2,95Coca-Cola Zero  2,95
Fanta  2,95Sprite  2,95
Fuze Tea Green  2,95Fuze Tea Sparkling  2,95
Chaudfontaine Sparkling  2,95Chaudfontaine Still  2,95
Fristi  2,95Chocomel suikervrij  2,95
Capri Sun Orange  2,30 
Verse Jus d'Orange 250 ml  2,75Verse Jus d'Orange 500 ml 3,50

Drinks (alcohol)

Bavaria  3,50
Bavaria 0%  3,50
Bavaria Radler 2%  3,50


Gevulde donut  2,50Appelflap  2,50
Muffin  2,50Chocolate Cookie XL  2,50
Taartpunt  3,50Gevulde koek  2,50

Fruit & Zuivel

Verse fruit salade  2,75Yoghurt + topping  2,75
Verse Jus d'Orange 250 ml  2,75Verse Jus d'Orange 500 ml 3,50


Smoothie  4,-
2x Smoothie  7,50


Frikandelbroodje  2,50
Saucijzenbroodje  2,50
Old Amsterdam broodje  3,50


Combi Pastry  4,50
Warme drank & donut/muffin
Combi Taart  5,-
Warme drank & taartpunt
Koffie  6,-
Thermobeker 6,-
Refill  1,50

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