Randy's Pizza & Pasta

For the real pasta lover

Are you a real pasta fan? Here you can choose from different pastas and choose your favorite sauce. After the pasta has been cooked and mixed with the sauce, you can still opt for tasty toppings, such as Parmesan cheese or arugula.

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Pizza for the whole family

Did you know that at Randy's Pizza & Pasta you can get a family pizza of up to 50cm in diameter ?! You can enjoy this with the whole family. Do you all have a different favorite pizza? You just choose the topping you like! There can be four different types of toppings on this pizza.

In addition to the pizza family, pizza slices and salads are also available here.



Pizza Slice + bottle of soft drink 6.75
Choice of Margherita, Pepperoni, Quattro Fromaggi, Hawaii or Tonno
Pasta + bottle of soda 8.95 
Choice of Penne or Spaghetti Choice of Bolognese, Carbornara, Napolitana (Vega) or Pesto Pollo
Family Pizza + 1,5L Coca-Cola 25 
A pizza of no less than 50cm in size. Various flavors possible.

Warm Drinks

Coffee 2,50Cappuccino 2,75
Espresso 2,50Latte 2,90
Latte Macchiato 2,90Thee 2,50
Hot Chocolate 2,50
whipped cream + 0,50
Thermo cup coffee 6,-Coffee Refill 1,50

Cold Drinks

Coca-Cola 2,95Coca-Cola Zero 2,95
Fanta 2,95Sprite 2,95
Fuze Tea Green 2,95Fuze Tea Sparkling 2,95
Chaudfontaine Sparkling 2,95Chaudfontaine Still 2,95
Fristi 2,95Chocomel sugarfree 2,95
Capri-Sun Orange 2,30 

Drinks (alcohol)

Bavaria 3,50
Bavaria 0% 3,50
Bavaria Radler 2% 3,50

Fresh extras

Caesar salad 3.50
Fresh Fruit Salad 2.75
Yogurt 2.75

Ice cream

Ben & Jerry's 3,-

Allergies or special dietary requirements? Here you will find more information about allergens.

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