Season passes

Do you want to miss nothing throughout the season and enjoy unlimited enjoyment of the themepark? Then consider purchasing a low-cost subscription with many nice and tasty extras. You already have a season pass from 32.90 per person.

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Unlimited access to the themepark until 3 January 2021
One-time access to Black Hill Ranger Path
Discount at restaurants and stores
10% discount 20% discount 15% discount
Discount on overnight stays
- 15% discount 15% discount
Up to 50% discount on amusement parks and zoos in the Netherlands
Free parking
Free extra's 

1x fruit salad at Randy's Pizza & Pasta on Mother's Day (May 10, 2020)
1x cookie xl on Father's Day (21 June 2020)
1x free soup of the day on the last day of the season (3 January 2021)

 - ✓ 
Free aluminum Black Hill Ranger Path flask
Discount on entrance to themepark and water park for up to 5 people
- 50% discount -
Free entry for grandparents to the themepark
- -
Unlimited access to Movie Park Germany, Bobbejaanland and Belantis
- -
Free access to other selected Parques Reunidos parks
- -
 Price at the counter (guest service)
 Price Online


Special promotions for our subscription holders

Benefits at other parks

With your Slagharen Silver & Gold subscription you will receive a discount at other amusement parks and zoos. In addition, with your Gold subscription you can visit different parks in a one-time free visit. Read all about it on this page.

Unlimited swimming in Aqua Mexicana

For your Bronze, Silver or Gold subscription you can upgrade your subscription for 13,25 for unlimited water fun. It is currently only possible to purchase this upgrade at our checkout for only 13,25 a season.

Food and drinks for a competitive price

Buy a special deal card now with a selected range of food and drinks for 60 instead of 80! You save a whopping 20 on the food and drink below. You can buy the special deal card at the reception of the amusement park.

  • 2x New Orleans Menu: French fries, burger and a bottle of soda
  • 4x Coffee deal: cookie XL and hot drink
  • 2x Snack Menu: French fries, snack (croquette or frikandel) and a bottle of soft drink
  • 4x Slush Menu: French fries, snack (croquette or frikandel) and slush yard
  • 1x Spirello Deal: spirello and cup fresh

Bottle refill

Buy an affordable soft drink bottle and refill it all season for just 2.25 each time. You buy one bottle for 10.30, two bottles for 9.30 each and three bottles for 8.30 each. Water bottles and refills are available at the Music Hall, The Trading Post, Main Store and La Cantina de Rosie (in Aqua Mexicana).