After summer in Slagharen

The low season has started

As soon as the summer holidays are over, the low season starts. During the low season, our accommodations are often slightly cheaper than in the high season. That means you have money left over to do even more fun things:

  • Eating ice cream
  • To go out for dinner
  • Days out

Less waiting and more time left

It is also less crowded in the park during low season. After all, all children go back to school. That means shorter queues for your favorite attraction. So come and go an extra round at the Ripsaw Falls or Apollo.

Something extra to look forward to

It seems like so long ago: the summer vacation. Have you been at work for a few weeks and are you looking forward to another holiday? Then book a weekend or midweek break in between in September or October. Then you have another fun outing to look forward to.

Enjoy the late summer rays of the sun

If we look at the past years, it also looks like summer in September. How nice is it to be able to enjoy the sun even more while the summer vacation is already over.

Your next vacation is lurking

A vacation in September or early October also means that you don't have to wait as long for your next vacation. Before you know it, the autumn or Christmas vacation has already started.