It’s fun all day and every day at Themepark & Resort Slagharen!

Randy & Rosie show

Visit our newest show with your favorite raccoons in the lead!

Sam is the owner of the most cozy saloon in Themepark Slagharen, Randy & Rosie are regular visitors. Singing and dancing takes place in the saloon. There is always plenty of fun. Until one night the saloon is visited by John the Hatholder, who is a member of the Red Bandits. He wants to take over the saloon and drive away all people. What John doesn’t know is that Sam, together with Randy & Rosie, has devised a plan to drive John away. What happens afterwards, you will experience yourself during this exciting show!

Location: Music Hall

How late? Look at the timetable opposite the Gallopers

American Circus Show

Discover the American Circus show!

Be enchanted by the magical arts of Justin Ronday. This illusionist takes you into the wonderful world of magic with his tricks. He lets things disappear and then conjures them up in a miraculous way. You do not believe your own eyes! Besides magic, you can also admire the comical stunts of Alex the Firefighter. Because of his "clumsiness" he gets the craziest antics to extinguish the fire. Watch out that you are not accidentally sprayed wet. Not only Alex the Firefighter gets out stunts. Devid Robert also takes the world of acrobatics of the highest level.

Location: American Circus Theater

How late? Look at the timetable opposite the Gallopers

Meet & Greet with Randy & Rosie

Meet our greatest raccoons: Randy & Rosie! Come to the Randy & Rosie stage and give them a big hug. Capture this moment and take a picture! A moment to never forget.

Location: Randy & Rosie-podium op het Fonteinplein

How late? Look at the timetable opposite the Gallopers