Water park Aqua Mexicana

 The water park opens its doors to all overnight guests with the exception of camping on saturday and sunday. The opening hours are 11:00 to 19:00.

Pay attention:

  • Reservation is required and possible upon arrival, subject to availability.
  • Showers, changing rooms and lockers are open

Water fun for the whole family

Imagine yourself in Mexican atmospheres with colorful porches, palm trees and beach. With two water playgrounds, a large subtropical swimming pool, bubble bath and two spray parks, you can enjoy the TexMex experience with the whole family. The (very) smallest among us splash around in the water playground, while you pay attention and bathe your feet. Unwind in the hot tub or feel the warmth of the sun on the outdoor beach. Aqua Mexicana offers hours of fun in the water or on the waterfront, where you can enjoy a snack and drink.

3,2,1 and slide - Discover the 10 slides

Rush down the slides and splash into the water a hundred yards away. In Aqua Mexicana you will find ten different slides. The slides are more than half a kilometer long, which is more than 500 meters! Our highest slide is 12 meters high. Three out of ten slides are particularly large, innovative and interactive with special effects, sound and 3D animations.



Exciting adventures await as you slither your way down the slide. MexiCone is e slide wich has special effects, such as 3D projections, producing some suprising results. A slide for real daredevils! 

Length: 119.2 metres
Height: 9 metres
Admission: 100-120 cm under supervision. From 120 cm on their own. 1 person max. 95 kg and 2 persons max. 190 kg. 



Fancy being the quickest? Check out our fastest time in the YukaTime slide. There is a choice over 8 different light shows with sound. Throw down a challenge to your friends!

Length: 114.2 metres
Height: 12 metres
Admission: 100-120 cm under supervision. From 120 cm on their own. 1 person max. 95 kg and 2 persons max. 190 kg. 


Magic Maya

After you've been down the Magic Maya once, it's an experience you'll want to repeat time and time again. There's room for about 3 persons per tyre.

Length: 113.1 metres
Height: 9 metres
Admission: 100-120 cm under supervision. From 120 cm on their own. 1 person max. 95 kg, 2 persons max. 190 kg and 3 persons max. 240 kg.

Discover Aqua Mexicana adventure in 5 splashes

  1. Imagine yourself on the Mexican beach;
  2. Play and splash in the water playground;
  3. Take the challenge in the Yukatime;
  4. Climb and clamber through the water like an adventurous water enthusiast;
  5. Unwind with the whole family in the hot tub for 70 people.

Stay longer in the water and stay overnight

Would you like to enjoy the water park and the amusement park a little longer? Then book an extra night. When you stay in one of our accommodations, you have unlimited access to the water park, amusement park and Sunny Beach. Of course you can also bring your own tent or caravan. However, the water park is not included in a camping stay.

Stay overnight