New: Western Wish Fall

Leaves turn golden yellow and the warm sweater is put on: autumn has started again. During the Western Wish Fall from October 9 to November 8, Attraction & Holiday Park Slagharen will be enriched with beautiful colors, lights and wishes.

Wishes, dreams and stories

Farmer Frank has a very special tree on the prairie, a life-size wish tree! Young and old can hang their wishes in this. Together with his scarecrows, Farmer Frank protects your wishes against the Red Bandits. In addition, he tells wonderful stories about the Wild West and the prairie.

Every week a wish is taken from the tree that Slagharen fulfills. From wishes such as a photo with Randy & Rosie, meeting your favorite influencer or hot air ballooning. What is your greatest wish, tell Farmer Frank and he will hang your wish in the tree.

Van herfstactiviteiten tot schaatsen

In addition to all the stories of Farmer Frank, you can participate in fun activities, a child-friendly ghost treasure hunt or lantern parade. Unique in the fall is ice skating on the ICE Rink in the Winter Western Village or go wandering together in the NEW MAZE!

Winter Western Village

Come and enjoy skating! You can swing across the ice with your own figure or ice hockey skates. No ice skating? No problem, you can also rent skates.

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