The Pirate

Type of attraction
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 130 cm
Children between 120 cm and 130 cm must be accompanied by a supervisor who is at least 14 years old
Accessible for people with disabilities
All Year
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Venture into the raging ocean!

You are no longer a sailor, you're a true pirate! You boldly step into The Pirate. While at first the ocean is calm, a storm soon breaks out. You know exactly what to do! At high speed, you fly back and forth, but you remain calm. You have real sea legs after all.

After some time, the ocean calms down again and with your sea legs you stride of the ship. You have weathered the journey nicely, now it is time to raid a restaurant to fill your empty stomach. 

To make sure no one goes overboard, you must be at least 130cm tall. Pirates between 120 and 130 cm are allowed on the ship so long as they bring a companion who is at least 14 years old.

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