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Rancho Grande lodges

Your ideal retreat for an unforgettable Wild West Experience!

Nestled amid lush greenery, this accommodation provides tranquility after a day at the theme park. Accommodating up to 8 people, Rancho Grande is perfect for families, groups or friends, or those seeking coziness and fun.  The Rancho Grande Deluxe is ideal for families and groups that seek a little bit more luxury.

Step outside and explore Rancho Grande's beautiful surroundings and the theme park just a 10-minute walk away. Whether you're unwinding on the terrace or seeking adventure, Rancho Grande caters to every preference. A perfect setting for an unforgettable stay!



Rancho Grande

Are you dreaming of a comfortable, spacious family accommodation where you can vacation with friends or relatives while surrounded by the enchanting atmosphere of the Wild West? You'll find all that and more at the Rancho Grande!

Rancho Grande highlights:

  • Max. occupancy 8 people
  • 2 well-equipped bathrooms 
  • Completely gas-free

Rancho Grande Deluxe

Ever wanted something extravagant? Enjoy additional luxuries like an infrared sauna, BBQ, hairdryer, and outdoor lounge chairs on the terrace and listen to music through the Bluetooth sound system. Treat yourselves to fun and luxury!

The best features of the Rancho Grande Deluxe:

  • Max. occupancy 8 people
  • Quooker
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Sauna
  • BBQ
Aqua Mexicana

Aqua Mexicana