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There are so many possibilities in Slagharen. Are you alone or with a (large) group? Are you coming for the day or staying the night? Do you want to go to Aqua Mexicana? Slagharen offers the best solutions for family trips. View all options here

  • Overnight stay

    Book an adventurous holiday to the Wild West.

  • Tickets

    Koop je tickets voor de meest avontuurlijke dag.

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    Not sure yet which day you want to come? Buy a flexible ticket that is valid all season.

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    Have you already planned a visit? Easily purchase extras before your visit to make the day even more fun!

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    Want to enjoy the Wild West all season long? Buy a subscription and benefit from many benefits.

  • Events and groups

    Bekijk de mogelijkheden voor grote groepen of het organiseren van een personeelsfeest of verenigingsuitje in Slagharen. 

Randy & Rosie Show

Randy & Rosie Show


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