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Are you brave enough to enter the Mexicone?
Aqua Mexicana
Type of attraction
 Waves, Rivers & Pools
Kids and families
Access limitations
Minimum height: 120 cm
Maximum weight: 95 kg
Adult Companion Required
All Year
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Are you brave enough to enter the Mexicone?

Did you drive past Aqua Mexicana on your way to the park? Then you probably spotted this slide.

Make your way to the top and wait for the signal to go down the slide. Along the way, you'll encounter bright lights, but don't get distracted. Soon you find yourself in a dark section, you can't see a thing. Don't be startled by the light show that follows before everything goes dark again. You picked it yourself before making the trek down.

It is mandatory to take an adult companion with you, in addition there is a minimum length of 120cm and maximum weight of 95kg.

*This slide is located in the subtropical swimming paradise Aqua Mexicana and is only accessible with a valid ticket for both the park and swimming paradise.*Only accessible after payment

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Haven't bought a ticket yet?


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