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Theme park prices

Depending on the period and day you want to come, we will give you the best possible price. If you book five days or more in advance, you get a discount on the price at the box office. Here you can see if any tickets are still available in the table. See also the options for groups. If you want to visit Slagharen twice or more in one year, a season pass may be just the thing for you!

Ticket price and Season Pass

Themepark Slagharen has a dynamic price policy, which means that tickets may vary in price from day to day. The price depends on the day and period you want to visit. Order your tickets online 5 days or more before your visit and receive a discount on the box office price. 

Children up to 3 years of age have free access.

Experience adventures in the Wild West throughout the season and enjoy the amusement park without restrictions? Then a season ticket for amusement park Slagharen might be something for you. There are three types of subscriptions:





€ 104,90
€ 89,90
€ 69,90
€ 54,90

Redeem promotional code

Have you received a promotion or redeemable code? You can enter the code in the first step of the shop or by clicking on 'I want to redeem a promotional code' underneath your receipt. Discounts are always calculated on the cash price of that day.

Waterpark Aqua Mexicana

Aqua Mexicana is not included in your visit to Slagharen. Day guests, subscription holders and camping guests can buy a ticket at the Guest Service for € 9.95 p.p. This is possible based on availability. For holiday park guests, the use of Aqua Mexicana is included in the stay.

Buy your tickets online and save money

Here you can also see if there are still tickets available for your desired day out. Je kunt dit zien aan de kleuren in de tabel. 

  • Green means open
  • Orange means less than 10 tickets available
  • Red means sold out
From early to late fun at Slagharen

From early to late fun at Slagharen


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