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Holiday park entertainment

We have everything you need for a fantastic holiday! Enjoy the best activities througout the entire day. Kick off your day at the Kidsclub, have fun at the amusement park and dance the night away in the disco.

  • Kidsclub

    Are you up early and are the rides not opened yet? Come and enjoy crafts and drawing in the Kidsclub! You'll be back in the park before you know it.

  • Randy & Rosie Disco

    It's already evening, but you're far from tired! Randy & Rosie have turned on the funkiest hits at the Music Hall, so take those feet off the floor.

  • Red Bandit Dance Party

    The Red Bandits love to dance! That's why they are happy to help you come up with the coolest moves during this party!

  • Scavenger Hunt

    Who fancies a scavenger hunt? Solve the Red Bandits' riddles and puzzles and go on an adventure through the theme park.

  • Super Bingo

    We have everything you need for a super fun bingo evening! During this bingo, you are guaranteed to have a good time and a chance to win great prizes.

  • Ameezing Bingo

    This is not just any bingo, but a hit bingo! Enjoy well-known, international pop music and have a fun evening.

  • Herfstvakantie Slagharen

    Family Game Show

    Ho ho ho, this is the Family Game Show! Compete against each other with fun games and exciting quizes. Who will go home with a prize?

  • Kerstvakantie Slagharen

    Saloon Quiz

    Who, oh, who is a true Slagharen expert? During this exciting quiz, we will test your knowledge about the park and you will have a chance to win great prizes!

  • The entertainment programme

    Want to know where and when you can experience the most fun? Check out the entertainment programme and get ready for a day full of adventure!

  • Did you know?

    That Randy & Rosie have their own mailbox? You can find it at the mill! Here you can throw in a nice letter, beautiful drawing or cool craft. Don't forget to put your name and address on it because who knows, you might see a card appear on your doormat soon.