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Shows and entertainment

New evening entertainment in Slagharen

Discover the exciting new evening shows at Slagharen! This season, we are introducing two exciting evening shows not to be missed: "What Am I?!" and "Wheel of Fortune".

In "What Am I?!", you transform from a human into an object and must guess what you are before time runs out. It is an interactive adventure full of riddles and challenges.

At "Wheel of Fortune", everyone has the chance to participate, but only one lucky person will be chosen to open one of the golden suitcases. Let your fate be decided by the wheel of fortune!

Have fun all day long at Slagharen!

Enjoy spectacular shows and (street) entertainment throughout the entire day. Follow the Red Bandits' special training session, meet Randy & Rosie and marvel at the parade. You won't be bored for a single moment! Are you staying overnight? If so, you can get creative in the kids' club first thing in the morning and enjoy entertainment in the Music Hall at night! Drop by for an exciting bingo or a fun quiz.

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Haven't bought a ticket yet?


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