Shows and entertainment

Have fun all day long at Slagharen!

Enjoy spectacular shows and (street) entertainment throughout the entire day. Follow the Red Bandits' special training session, meet Randy & Rosie and marvel at the parade. You won't be bored for a single moment! Are you staying overnight? If so, you can get creative in the kids' club first thing in the morning and enjoy entertainment in the Music Hall at night! Drop by for an exciting bingo or a fun quiz.

Make sure to come and experience our brand new show, complete in spring theme! Rosie takes part in a flower competition and has planted the most beautiful, biggest flowers to do so. Unfortunately, the Red Bandits are also participating in the contest and are all too happy to spoil the fun. Will Rosie manage to win the sabotaged contest in the end? Find out in Uit je Bol with Randy & Rosie.

Randy & Rosie Show

Randy & Rosie Show


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