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All the information you need for your holiday!

A holiday is meant for relaxation and enjoyment, which is why we have all the extras in place to ensure that your vacation runs smoothly. A late check-out, a delightful breakfast, or a crib ready upon arrival – we've got it covered. All the extras can be selected during the booking of your holiday.

Stay in the Wild West! Choose from various types of accommodations, such as our brand-new Rancho Grande or our unique Wigwam Deluxe. Stay close to the amusement park in a colorful Hacienda, cozy Cowboy Cottage, or sunny Colorado. Enjoy the space in a Yellowstone, Nevada, or Missouri Lodge. Or unwind completely in a Raccoon Lodge!



Extras can be added during the booking process.

Complete your stay

Vacation mode: on

We understand completely; you're in vacation mode and not in the mood to rush, especially on the day of departure. To ensure you can spend your vacation without any hassles, we have some fun extras available:

Breakfast Delivery

Start your day right with a delicious breakfast. Between 7:30 and 9:00, a delightful breakfast package will be delivered. The package includes fresh rolls, a croissant, sweet and savory toppings, a bottle of juice, and yogurt with muesli. The package costs €15,50 per person for adults and €10 per person for children up to 12 years old.

Lazy Sunday

If you're leaving on a Sunday, you don't have to get up early to pack everything. For only €25,- you can stay in your accommodation until 18:00. This way, you have plenty of time to explore the amusement park for an extra day and pack your bags in peace.

Departure & Relax

Taking out the trash, doing the dishes, or removing the bed linen? It's vacation; relax! We'll take care of all the chores, and you can leave without worries, for just €22,50 per accommodation.


    Plan your dinner

    Gourmet Grill

    This delightful package includes various types of meat, salads, vegetables, baguette, and various sauces. We ask for a deposit of € 25,- for the grill plate when picking up; it can be collected at Big Jake. This extra is only available in combination with a booking of a Yellowstone, Nevada, or Raccoon Lodge. The package costs €21.50,- per person for adults and €12.00,- per person for children.

    Other extras


    Bring your furry friend along on vacation! In the Raccoon Lodges and Cowboy Cottages, one pet is allowed for €12.95 per night.

    Everything for the Little Ones

    Don't want to bring all the little one's stuff in the car? Book a high chair for only €8.25 or a bed for €8.75 each. It saves space in your car.

    Choose Your Own Spot

    Do you want to secure your favorite spot on the holiday park? Take advantage of the preferred booking option. You can select your desired location of the accommodation number for only €29.95.

    Aqua Mexicana

    Aqua Mexicana is a water paradise for all ages, where you can relax, play, wade, and more, surrounded by subtropical atmospheres. Immerse yourself in Mexican ambiance with colorful verandas, palm trees, and a beach. With two water playgrounds, 10 slides, a large subtropical pool, a jacuzzi, and two spray parks, you can experience the TexMex adventure with the whole family. The little ones can splash in the water playground while you keep an eye on them and enjoy wading yourself. Relax in the jacuzzi or feel the warmth of the sun on the outdoor beach. Aqua Mexicana offers hours of water fun and relaxation by the water, where you can also enjoy a snack and a drink.

    From early to late, fun in Slagharen!

    Enjoy the entire day with spectacular shows and (street) entertainment. Follow the special training of the Red Bandits, meet Randy & Rosie, and be amazed during the parade. There's never a dull moment! If you stay overnight, you can get creative in the kids' club in the morning and enjoy entertainment in the Music Hall in the evening! Join us for an exciting bingo or a fun quiz. Click the buttons below to learn all about our extensive entertainment program.


    Discover the new Rancho Grande Deluxe!

    Discover the new Rancho Grande Deluxe!


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