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Celebrate your birthday at Slagharen

It's your birthday! You can see that, that is you! Randy & Rosie love a party, especially a birthday party. Celebrate your birthday party together with the cutest raccoons in Slagharen! Wave to Randy & Rosie at the start of your day and then try out all the attractions one by one.

Randy & Rosie birthday party

At Slagharen, we are so fond of birthday parties that we have a special package for them. This is available starting at seven paying guests.

  • Entrance to the theme park
  • French fries with mayonnaise and a snack
  • A drink
  • Gift for the birthday boy or girl

Price per person: €19,90

If you want to book a children's party in Slagharen please contact groepsservice@slagharen.com or by telephone via 0523 – 683000 (option 1).

Children's party extras

All packages can be extended with the following extras:

  • Ice cream €1.50
  • Packet of Capri Sun €1.75
  • Extra present €7.50 (When a children's party is booked for 2 children, there is the option to buy an extra present).

If you have special wishes, please contact groepsservice@slagharen.com.


Birthday party packages can be booked from 7 persons, with one birthday person per group, for children up to 12 years of age. The General terms and conditions for schools and groups can be found here.

Randy & Rosie Show

Randy & Rosie Show