About Slagharen

How it all began.. 

In 1963 Shetland Pony Park Slagharen was opened by Mr Henk Bemboom. He saw that the entrepreneurs in Slagharen were experiencing increasing difficulties due to the rise of the car. People had more leisure time, so he saw the solution in recreation. At Whitsun in 1963, he opened Shetland Pony Park Slagharen with 24 cottages. Each cottage had a Shetland pony and a wagon for guests to ride around the park. Soon the holiday park was expanded with an outdoor swimming pool, playgrounds and attractions. In 1972, Henk Bemboom invented the 'all-in' entrance fee, which meant that people paid one entrance fee to enter the park and could make unlimited use of the attractions. Before that, you had to pay per attraction. In the years that followed, many parks at home and abroad introduced the 'all-in' entrance fee. 

The former Ponypark Slagharen has grown into the Themepark & Resort Slagharen, where we said goodbye to the ponies. But one thing has never changed during that time: we are still here to entertain people. With over 30 attractions in the amusement park, 620 accommodations in the holiday park and the subtropical swimming pool Aqua Mexicana, we certainly have something to offer. In 2012, Slagharen Amusement Park was sold to the Spanish group Parques Reunidos. They own more than 60 amusement parks, zoos and water parks worldwide. In all these years, a lot has changed and we are looking forward to a cool Wild West future!

Adventures in the Wild West 

Themepark and Resort Slagharen is a park in Wild West theme. With 30 amazing attractions for all ages. At Slagharen, you jump from one adventure into the next. Let yourself fall from a height of 40 metres in the Free Fall and feel the fresh wind blow through your hair in the Gold Rush. In addition to the many attractions, you will also discover street entertainment. Mascots Randy & Rosie wave to everyone from the balustrade in the morning. Later, you will see them shine in their own show

Subtropical water park Aqua Mexicana 

Imagine yourself in a Mexican ambience with colourful verandas, palm trees and beach. With two water playgrounds, a large subtropical swimming pool, whirlpool and two spray parks, the whole family will enjoy the TexMex experience. The little ones among us splash around in the water playground while you watch and paddle. Relax in the hot tub or feel the warmth of the sun on the outdoor beach. Aqua Mexicana offers hours of fun in the water or at the waterside, where you can have a snack and a drink

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