Visitors with special needs

At Theme park & Resort Slagharen we strive to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe Wild West visit. To guarantee this, we have made arrangements such as adapted toilets, adapted entrance to attractions and we offer support when entering our attractions.

Attractions with stimuli

Some attractions may startle visitors with mental disabilities because they stimulate several senses. Access to some attractions is also restricted due to certain physical conditions, such as pregnancy or heart problems. At the entrance of these attractions you will find a list with the access restrictions. 

Access regulation to attractions

If you cannot enter certain attractions via the regular queue, you can collect a wristband from the amusement park's Guest Service if you have a visible disability. Guests with invisible disabilities are requested to provide a statement or pass. With this wristband you can enter the attraction through the disabled entrance or through the exit.

Depending on your disability, certain attractions are restricted or not accessible. The table shows what is possible for each attraction. The staff member at the attraction decides, on the basis of these conditions, whether admission to the attraction is possible.


If you require an assistant during your visit to our park, this assistant must be at least 18 years old and at least 1.50 metres tall. This supervisor bears responsibility for the person being supervised. You can t  take up to three accompanying persons  with you on your visit to the attraction.

Attractions accessible for wheelchair users

There are attractions that are easily accessible for disabled or wheelchair users. Unfortunately, some attractions are more difficult to reach, but in consultation with our staff a lot is possible. Most attractions are accessible to wheelchair users via the exit. The ride operator can guide and assist you if necessary. Moreover, there are shows that are easily accessible. Ask at the Guest Service for the folder with an overview of all the attractions and their accessibility.

Holiday homes for wheelchair users

A number of Nevada's en Cowboy Cottages  at the holiday park have been adapted for wheelchair users. These accommodations are rented out on request, there are no extra charges for this. These special accommodations can only be booked by phone: 0523-683000.

Borrowing a wheelchair

Wheelchairs can be borrowed from the Guest Service subject to availability. There is a deposit of 25,- per wheelchair, which will be returned if the wheelchair is returned in the same condition as it was given to you. It is not possible to reserve a wheelchair in advance.

You can rent a wheelchair per day, this is not possible multiple days in a row. If you want to rent a wheelchair for several days in a row, we recommend that you bring your own wheelchair. You can rent one from a home care shop or health insurance company, for example.


The restaurants are designed to accommodate disabled people. 
Please note, the Crazy Horse Saloon accessible to wheelchair users via Wild West Adventure and Randy's Pizza & Pasta is fully accessible with the exception of the elevation and the upper floor.



All public toilets at the theme park are equipped with a disabled toilet. 


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