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Visitors with special needs

At Attraction & Holiday Park Slagharen, we strive to give everyone an enjoyable and safe day. Most attractions can be visited if you have a disability. To ensure this, we have made a number of provisions such as adapted access to attractions and offer support when entering our attractions.

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Make use of a wristband to enter attractions via alternative entrances. Read all about it in our ‘Visitors with disabilities’ flyer. 

Access arrangements for attractions

To visit attractions via alternative entrances, you need a yellow or purple access bracelet. You can collect these wristbands from the Guest Service after signing a ‘declaration of disabled visitors’.

Yellow wristband: with this wristband you are able to enter or leave an attraction independently. You are also able to do this independently in the event of an evacuation in other places. You are able to go through the entire duration of an attraction without assistance. You can adopt a specific sitting position, brace yourself during the ride and follow verbal or visual instructions. You can take a maximum of 3 people through the disabled entrance.

Purple band: you cannot enter or exit an attraction on your own, but with the help of one companion aged 18 or over. With this companion, you are able to get in and out and adopt a specific sitting position. You are however able to go through the full duration of an attraction independently. You can also follow verbal or visual instructions with the help of the attendant. In total, you may take a maximum of 3 people through the disabled entrance.


Read the conditions for disabled visitors here.

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