Opportunities for businesses

Time for a special company trip?

The secret to a successful company trip is to change the environment in such a way that everyone can loosen up and be themselves, and then really come together. A company trip in the Wild West is, of course, incredible. What makes it really special is our service. We have different locations and service packages for that. Make your own choice and have an unforgettable day together with your colleagues!

Park buy-out

Do you want to enjoy the theme park with your staff and/or business relations with only invited guests? Then a park buy-out is one of the possibilities. You can opt for a full day buy-out, but also an evening buy-out or buy-out of a few attractions is possible.

Would you like to know more about this? You can contact us vianbsp;0523 - 68 40 00 (option 2) of groepsservice@slagharen.com.

Randy & Rosie Show

Randy & Rosie Show


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