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PARQUES REUNIDOS SERVICIOS CENTRALES, SA (“PARQUES REUNIDOS") with its registered office in Madrid, Calle Federico Mompou, 5, Building 1, 3rd floor, 28050, tax identification number A-84.885.441 and registered in the Commercial Register of Madrid in volume 23.506, folder 58, page M-421.702, is the owner of the domain slagharen.com, including the website and its contents ("the Website"). PARQUES REUNIDOS makes the Website available to Users to provide them with information about the products and offers of PARQUES REUNIDOS and its subsidiaries (“PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP"), to enable Users to purchase entry tickets and other products and services available on the Website and, where applicable, to provide Users with various contact forms, newsletters, contests, surveys, etc. of the PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP.

The products and services offered on the Website are sold by Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen (“APS BV”), a company of the PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP, which operates via the Website and is responsible for the management of the Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen and therefore for the sale and management of all products and services related to the Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen.


Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen
Address: Zwarte Dijk 37, 7776 PB Slagharen, Netherlands and
PO Box 10, 7776 ZG Slagharen, Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 05035256
VAT number: NL006190807 B01
Tel.: + 31 (0)523 683000.
Costs of a call are no higher than the usual calling charges.
Email address:reserveringen@slagharen.com



The General Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases of products and services via the Website.

The General Terms and Conditions are unconditionally accepted by the User when making the purchase and are provided by APS BV before the purchase is completed.

The General Terms and Conditions have been drawn up in accordance with Dutch law and any other applicable statutory provisions.

PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP rejects all General Terms and Conditions referred to or used by you.

The General Terms and Conditions can be consulted at any time via the Website (www.slagharen.com) and can be printed and/or stored by the User.


These General Terms and Conditions describe the General Terms and Conditions that apply to the services offered by APS BV on the Website and in particular all services currently provided by PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP, the sale of certain types of admission tickets and seasonal passes for the leisure parks managed by PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP, and other products offered on the Website.

The prices (including taxes) for the products and services offered on the Website are stated in Euros. Promotions and discounts will be listed on the Website at all times. When making a purchase, the total price is broken down into any discounts/promotions applied (as the case may be), fees payable by the User and other additional fees for support services or for the use of different means of payment.

Browsing the information on the Website is free of charge.

1.1 Purchasing process

To purchase the products and/or services offered on the Website, you must follow the instructions displayed during each step of the purchase process on the Website. This also applies to the completion of the online forms. By completing these online forms, you are deemed to have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions and, if applicable, the Special Terms and Conditions.

PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP is not liable for any errors in the offer. Each offer contains information making it clear to the consumer what the rights and obligations associated with the acceptance of the offer/purchase are.

Your rights and obligations during and after your purchase are subject to the General Terms and Conditions, and, if applicable, the Special Terms and Conditions and the Park Regulations [https://www.slagharen.com/nl/General Terms and Conditions].

These general terms and conditions can be accessed at any time in the online PURCHASE section of the PARQUES REUNIDOS website (www.slagharen.com). Do not hesitate to print and/or save a copy.

After completing your purchase, you will receive an email within twenty-four (24) hours, or within the legal term then current, containing proof of purchase of your admission ticket and the associated unique bar code or QR code (“Ticket”). The Ticket is your admission document to the Slagharen Amusement and Holiday Park. Damaged or fake tickets are invalid and their holders may be denied access to the Attractie- en Vakantiepark.

Unless expressly stated otherwise in the Special Terms and Conditions, admission tickets purchased on the Website are only valid for the date stated on the Ticket.

If you purchase a subscription or a product and/or service other than an admission ticket on the Website, you will also receive proof of purchase by email within twenty-four (24) hours or the applicable statutory period current then.

Prior to your purchase, the Website will inform you of the Special Terms and Conditions if they apply to your purchased product and/or service.

By issuing the Ticket, all requirements for issuing replacement invoices are deemed to have been met, in accordance with Dutch law.

After completion of the online purchase process and once the correct Ticket/Product has been issued, no changes or refunds will be permitted unless the circumstances as stated in the Special Terms and Conditions apply. Please contact the reservations department [reserveringen@slagharen.com].

The purchasing process will be completed in Dutch. If you are consulting a version in another language, the Dutch version prevails.

1.3 Technical resources

The website is equipped to notify you of any errors made when entering your data in the forms displayed on the screen during the purchase process.

1.4 Amendment of the General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions are valid from the date of their last update (indicated at the end of this document). In accordance with the requirements of good faith, reasonableness and fairness and transparency, PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP reserves the right to make changes to the General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions applicable at any time without prior notice. Changes are effective immediately after publication and only apply to Users who visit the Website. PARQUES REUNIDOS cannot be held liable for direct or indirect losses suffered by the User through the use of this information. 

Before purchasing products or services, you can consult the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and, if applicable, the Special Terms and Conditions. PARQUES REUNIDOS reserves the right to change the layout, the placement on the website and the conditions of use of the website at any time.


1.5 Changes and refunds. “Cooling off period”.

Unless explicitly stated in the Special Purchase Conditions of your product and/or service, it is not possible to return purchased products and services with a limited validity date or period and to claim a refund.

In other words, the specific characteristics of this product mean that no right of withdrawal (“cooling-off period") applies.

1.6 Price and method of payment

The price of the products and/or services you have chosen will be shown prior to purchase and will include any applicable taxes.

The Website supports the following payment methods: Credit card, PayPal, SOFORT, Bancontact and iDEAL.

APS BV guarantees that it has taken appropriate measures and that they comply with the current technological security standards, such as "Verisign". Access to transactional services and services that collect personal data takes place in a secure environment using the “Secure Socket Layer Protocol (“SSL Protocol”) with 128-bit high-security encryption. The secure server establishes a connection so that information is sent encrypted. This ensures that all transmitted content is only understandable for the "client” computer and the PARQUES REUNIDOS server. Users can check whether they are in a secure environment by checking if a locked padlock appears in their browser's status bar. The security of the PARQUES REUNIDOS servers is guaranteed by a certificate issued by VeriSign.

APS BV will, if necessary, cooperate with the competent authorities at all times and provide the necessary information to prevent fraud.

By purchasing your product and/or service on the Website, you agree to the General Terms and Conditions, if applicable, the Special Terms and Conditions and the Park Regulations. These are available at the entrance to the park and can also be consulted on www.slagharen.com.



If you are not satisfied with your purchased product and/or service, you can enforce the quality and service standard guarantees of PARQUES REUNIDOS and, if necessary, get your money back. Send your claim to:

Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen
PO Box 10
7776 ZG Slagharen, Netherlands
+ 31 (0)523 683000


Your claim will be given a reference number and a receipt will be provided. You can also commence alternative methods of dispute resolution under the Act: Uitvoeringswet Buitengerechtelijke Geschillenbeslechting Consumenten. (“Implementatiewet buitengerechtelijke geschillenbeslechting consumenten”) under Dutch law and Directive 2013/11/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council dated 21 May 2013 on alternative dispute resolution in consumer matters.

Please visit:






  • Your admission ticket gives you access to the Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen (the "Park").
  • Damaged or fake Tickets are invalid and holders may be denied access to the Park.
  • You can access the Park directly by showing your paper ticket, digital barcode, QR code or coloured bracelet to the relevant Park staff.
  • Large families, people with disabilities and people between the ages of 60 and 64 must show park access staff their identity card and a valid certificate or document proving their situation.
  • If you wish to make a change to the Ticket purchased online, this can be done at the Park entrance counters. Any price difference will be borne by you. The official selling price of the highest fare and not the price of the pre-sale of the Ticket as shown on the Website is taken as a reference for a general Ticket. Any price difference in your favour will be refunded via the payment method used by you.
  • Your ticket is valid for the date and/or period shown on the Ticket, during the opening hours as stated on the Park Website. However, Flexi-Tickets are valid on your chosen date and no later than seven (7) days after the originally chosen date in the current season.
  • Tickets cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or discount campaigns. As the Tickets are issued for a specific date and/or period, no changes or refunds are permitted under Section 7:46d of the Dutch Civil Code. This means that no right of withdrawal ("cooling off period") applies to this type of product.
  • Each ticket has a unique control barcode that gives ONLY ONE ADMISSION to the Park (including Flexi-Tickets). Once validated, your ticket cannot be used at a later time.
  • If you need to leave the Park, you must contact the access staff or the Customer Service Office to arrange renewed access to the Park. If you leave the Park without notifying these, you are not allowed back in.
  • If you have purchased a ticket with special conditions (people with disabilities; people over 65; children; large family, etc.).
  • Retain your ticket for the duration of your stay at the Park and show it to an employee upon request.
  • Resale of Tickets to third parties is prohibited.
  • When purchasing a subscription, you will be asked to provide a photo that will be printed on your subscription. This photo is kept in the system for as long as the validity of the subscription applies. By purchasing a subscription you agree to this.
  • With the silver, gold and platinum subscription, a discount of 10, 15 or 20% is possible on overnight stays. This discount is only valid on overnight stays outside the high season and can only be used if the season ticket holder actually spends the night in the accommodation. It is not allowed to book overnight stays with a discount on the basis of a subscription for other persons. In case of any doubt about abuse or the idea that bookings are made for other commercial purposes, Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen has the right to cancel the booking.
  • In the event that Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen cannot meet its obligations due to force majeure, there is no right to reimbursement. In these General Terms and Conditions, force majeure means, in addition to what is understood by law and case law, all circumstances, foreseen or unforeseen, that are beyond the control of the Park, as a result of which Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen cannot fulfil its obligations. In any case, this includes, but is not limited to:  extreme weather conditions, fire, floods, danger of war, strikes, pandemic, accident, work strike, limitations to Park capacity, safety or public health. PARQUES REUNIDOS will endeavour to inform you as much in advance as possible via the Website and Social Media and will offer you a new date for the use of your tickets or a fair remedy for Tickets lost due to force majeure.
  • The Park Regulations of the Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen can be consulted on the Website. By purchasing online products and/or services, you agree to the General Terms and Conditions, the Park Regulations, online purchase conditions and Park Operating Rules of Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen.



If you visit the Attraction & Holiday Park Slagharen (Attractie- & Vakantiepark Slagharen B.V.), (AVS), this means you agree to the following terms and conditions. It is therefore important that you read these conditions carefully before booking your visit. AVS assumes that, in addition to these terms and conditions, you have read the information provided on the website. The park rules apply to all areas belonging to Themepark & Resort Slagharen. In cases not covered by these park rules, the park management's judgement applies.

1. Your booking and confirmation


    The contract enters into force from the moment AVS accepts your request. Once the contract enters into force, AVS will provide you with a written confirmation. Please check that all details are correct. If (some of) the details are not correct, please contact AVS immediately so     that the incorrect data can be amended for you. You can also make these changes online at: https://website.slagharen.com/en/login.


    The agreement is concluded by you (as the main booker) for all participants. This means that the main booker (if not described separately) is responsible for the concluded contract of all participants.


    All our accommodation packages include admission to the attraction park (attractions, shows, Sunny Beach and entertainment), the day of arrival and departure included, unless stated otherwise. When staying in our holiday park, excluding camping sites, the use of our water     park Aqua Mexicana is included. If you have booked a campsite, you do not have direct access to Aqua Mexicana. Access to Black Hill Ranger Path is not included. You can buy separate tickets on site (subject to availability).


    The Attraction & Holiday Park Slagharen (Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen B.V.), (AVS) only accepts reservations made by individuals ages 18 and up. Reservations made by individuals under this age will not be valid.


    Price reductions and/or special offers can no longer be used if confirmation of the reservation has been sent by the Attraction & Holiday Park Slagharen (Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen B.V.), (AVS).

2. Additional costs

    The following additional costs will be charged when booking:


    Obligatory costs: The following costs are obligatory with every booking

  • Rental of duvet cover sets (duvet cover, pillowcase, and bedsheet) Only for accommodations, not for camping sites;
  • Municipal taxes per accommodation per night amounting to €7.50. The campsite has a fee of €1.25 per person per night.;
  • The reservation costs per accommodation and/or camping site are as follows:
    • For booking accommodation via telephone €31.50, for booking via the internet €21.50;
    • For booking a camping site via telephone €18.50, for booking via the internet €13.50.


    Optional costs: If applicable, the following costs will be charged when booking:

  •  A charge of €26.95 per booking will be applied for grouping multiple accommodations or entering preferred numbers. This service is based on availability. In case of multiple preferred numbers, the charge will be applied per accommodation.
  • Choosing your own camping site is     only possible via telephone and is not possible in the peak season.

3. Security deposit


    When you check in or register via Mijn Slagharen, you must agree to our terms and conditions. When making a reservation via AVS, you agree to our guarantee.


    All damage caused to the accommodation by you or your co-users must be reported to reception before departure and will be charged immediately. AVS will check the accommodation after your departure. Any costs may still be recovered from you via the security deposit.

4. Payments


    When concluding the agreement, you must pay a deposit within 8 days. When paying in installments for your booking, you must pay 50% or 35% respectively, depending on 2 or 3 installments. The full amount must be received by us no later than 14 days before the start of the     stay. You can make your payment with a booking via internet banking.


    If a reservation is made within 30 days of arrival, the entire sum must be paid at once.


    If you do not fulfil the payment conditions regarding the deposit and/or remaining payment, AVS reserves the right to dissolve the contract after sending you a reminder with a notice of default. The cancellation costs as stated in article 6 will be charged.


5. Changes


    Should you wish to make any changes after your booking has been confirmed, you can do so, provided that the changes do not significantly affect the overall form of the trip. AVS is free to determine whether to accept these changes. The fee for changes is €20.95 per change. You     can change your holiday to another period free of charge up to 21 days before arrival. If you book a more expensive period, you must pay the difference.


    AVS reserves the right to charge any price changes in the event of changing municipal levies and/or VAT increases. If this price change is implemented, AVS will inform you in advance. No price changes will be made within 20 days before arrival.


6. Cancellation


    You can cancel your booking in writing (by post or email) at any time before the start of your trip. AVS calculates cancellation fees as follows:

Days before arrival  Cancellation cost percentage
0-3 100% 
4-7 90% 
8-14 80% 
15-29 60% 
30-59 35% 
60+ 20% 



    You can purchase cancellation insurance via AVS, which covers cancellation costs under certain circumstances. For more information about the cancellation insurance and its conditions, please contact AVS.


    Should you fail to make use of your booking, or any of the services within your booking, without notice, the full amount of your booking will remain payable.


    AVS reserves the right to cancel an event and associated bookings up to 28 days before arrival if the minimum number of participants indicated in advance is not reached. In such cases, AVS will inform you of the cancellation as soon as possible and send you the necessary information. In this case, the already paid deposit will be refunded.

7. Maximum capacity per type


    The following maximum occupancy applies for AVS accommodations:

  • Cowboy Cottage, Hacienda, Wigwam Deluxe: max. two adults and four children;
  • Camping site: max. six people. A camping site is about 100m2 and offers space for max. one tent/caravan with max. one extra tent;
  • Colorado: max. two adults and two children;
  • Yellowstone: max. four people;
  • Missouri, Nevada, Raccoon Lodge and Red Rock: max. six people.


    One extra person (child) can stay in the accommodations Missouri, Nevada, Yellowstone, Hacienda, Cowboy Cottage and Raccoon Lodge only after explicit consent of AVS. In this case, you must provide your own sleeping facilities (mattress or air mattress). For an extra person,     there is a surcharge of €50.00 for a midweek or weekend and €75.00 for a week. It is not possible to book additional people in the Colorado and Red Rock accommodations. In the Wigwam Deluxe accommodation, you are allowed to book 1 extra adult, provided that the total     number of people in the accommodation does not exceed 6.


    It is not permitted to set up tents near the accommodation.

8. Arrival and departure


    You can check in and use the attraction park from 10:00. From 15:00, you can pick up the key to your accommodation. You are to check out by 10:00 on the day of departure. During the winter period (October-January) there are different check-in and check-out times. Please     check our website for more information.


    It is possible to book a Lazy Sunday (subject to availability), which allows you to use the accommodation until Sunday at 18:00. This service incurs an additional cost of €22.50 per accommodation.


    The opening hours of the attraction park are listed on the AVS website. Day guests must leave the park no later than 2 hours after the attractions have closed.


    The final cleaning of the accommodation is included in the rental price. The accommodation is to be left broom clean and in orderly condition (no dishes left unattended and dishwasher unloaded, bed linen removed and placed by the door of the accommodation, kitchen and     refrigerator cleaned and rubbish bag disposed of). Upon arrival, you will find a cleaning kit in the accommodation. You are obliged to treat the accommodation and its inventory with care.

9. Parking


    The Road Traffic Act applies to all AVS premises. The maximum speed is 15 kilometres per hour.


    AVS parking attendants' traffic sign take precedence over other traffic signs. To avoid traffic jams, the instructions of the parking attendants or signpost must be followed at all times. Should you fail to comply with the traffic rules and/or instructions, AVS is entitled to remove your     car at your risk and expense.


    Make sure the car is properly locked and that no valuables are left in the car. AVS is not liable for damage and/or theft of, from or to your vehicle.


    The general car park is controlled by barriers. You need an exit ticket to leave the car park. Day guests can buy an exit ticket at the parking machine located near the exit, in the car park of the attraction park or at the Guest Service.


    At check-in you will receive a card for the barrier that gives you access to the holiday park. Depending on the accommodation booked, it will work at the Slagboom Holiday Park or at the Slagboom Wigwamwereld. The accommodations, Missouri, Yellowstone, Hacienda, Nevada,     Cowboy Cottage and Raccoon Lodge allow one car to be parked at the property at no charge. An additional car may be parked free of charge in the central parking lot at the main entrance of the amusement park. For the Colorado, Red Rock & Wigwam Deluxe you can park in     the shared parking lot near the accommodations. For the safety of our guests, car traffic is not allowed in the park between 23:00 and 07:00.At the Hacienda and Cowboy Cottage it is allowed to park an extra car at the accommodation for a fee of €14.50.


    Bicycles, mopeds, scooters and motorbikes must be parked in or near the bicycle shed in the general car park.


    Buses are to be parked in the bus parking area as directed by the parking attendant or signposts.


    Cars with caravans can be parked on the Wigwam World car park near the Raccoons on the day of arrival and departure. You must register in advance at the reception at the Sitting Bull.


    The disabled parking space is located in Section A of the car park. This parking area may only be used if you are in possession of a disabled person's parking card, which must be placed visibly on the inside of the car window on the dashboard.

10. Pets


    Only dogs are allowed in the attraction park, in the accommodation Cowboy Cottage and Raccoon Lodge, and on the campsite (with a maximum of 1 dog per accommodation). A surcharge of €11.95 per night applies. In the park, the dog must be kept on a leash at all times and     must wear a flea collar. Only a few Raccoon Lodges are equipped for bringing a pet. The Raccoon Lodge with pet is only pre-bookable through our Contact Center based on availability.


    Dogs can be walked at the designated areas. If the dog relieves itself outside, AVS is authorized to charge a cleaning fee.

11. Inventory


    On the AVS website, an inventory list is published for each accommodation.

12. Staying in the park


    Entry to the park is at your own risk.


    Entry to the park is only possible with a valid ticket. The admission ticket is valid only on the day it is issued or for the period for which it is issued. When leaving the park, the right of admission expires. If as a guest you need to leave the park during the day, you can get a stamp     at the exit.


    Staying guests have to wear a wristband during their stay and show it upon request of the park employees. Failure to wear the wristband may result in denial of entry or removal from the park.


    The park has house rules. These house rules are listed on the house rules board at the entrance to the park, and include the following rules:

  • dogs are to be leashed
  • no alcohol abuse
  • no spitting
  • no loud music
  • no possession and/or use of drugs
  • no bared upper body
  • aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated


    no alcoholic beverages or tobacco will be served to individuals under the age of eighteen. If there is any doubt about your age, you must show proof of identity.


    It is forbidden to make open fires, such as fire baskets, torches, garden fires, etc. It is not allowed to bring your own fireworks, wishing balloons, etc. and/or to light them. Smoking is not allowed inside the buildings or in the attractions. You must follow the fire regulations and     signs.


    You must use the park paths and roads. It is not allowed to leave the paths.


    The possession and carrying of weapons or objects that may be dangerous is prohibited while visiting the park. Park staff is authorized to confiscate these weapons and objects if they are found. In case of reasonable suspicion of possession of weapons, the park staff is entitled to     carry out a check.


    Waste must be deposited in the park's waste bins. Waste is collected separately to protect the environment.


    It is not permitted to drive around the attraction park with a (motorized) vehicle, a bike our step. 


    For your and our safety, camera surveillance is used on the AVS grounds and inside the buildings. AVS reserves the right to hand over visual material to the competent authorities in case of suspicion of criminal offences. In these cases, a report will also be filed with the relevant     foundation, SODA. Theft or attempted theft may result in removal from AVS premises. AVS reserves the right to file a report.


    In the event of misbehaviour towards other guests and/or park staff, an AVS staff member may remove you from the park or have you removed.


    You must carry your proof of identity with you. For your and our safety, an AVS staff member may ask you to present a valid proof of identity. AVS reserves the right to carry out preventive searches, check bags and ask for a valid ID in the interests of safety or if the facts and/or     circumstances reasonably require doing so. Failure to comply may result in removal from the park.


    You must follow park staff instructions. The park staff is entitled to deny the use of any attraction or facility or to remove any person from the park without entitlement to compensation if said person does not follow park staff instructions or if they oppose or do not comply with     the park rules.


    The following rules apply to photography and videography at the park:

  • For safety reasons, the use of selfie sticks and photo and/or film cameras in the attractions, swimming pools and jacuzzi is strictly prohibited.
  • Due to the privacy of our guests, it is not allowed to take photos and videos in Aqua Mexicana.
  • It is prohibited to make and/or distribute recordings of staff without the express permission of the employee concerned and/or Holiday & Amusement Park Slagharen.


    The park is maintained as carefully as possible. Nevertheless, you may encounter less pleasant things, or you may have unintentionally caused damage. In this case, AVS kindly requests you to report the damage to the Guest Service.


    Parents and supervisors of children and groups are responsible for those visiting the park under their supervision. This means that parents and supervisors are liable for all damage(s) caused by those under their supervision.


    Additional house rules apply to your visit to Aqua Mexicana. You will find those rules at the entrance of Aqua Mexicana.


    The use of drones is prohibited on all areas belonging to the Attraction & Holiday Park Slagharen.


    Allergen information is available at our catering locations. You can also find more information on allergens.


    Visitors are not allowed to impersonate security, police, or army personnel.


    It is not allowed to place jacuzzi's, hot tubs or swimming pools at the accommodation.


    It is not allowed for large groups of young people to come together at one place in the park.


    The use of sound carriers is allowed in the accommodations provided the volume is at an acceptable level for everyone. On other parts of the attraction or holiday park, sound carriers are prohibited.

13. Use of attractions and facilities


    The use of attractions and facilities is at your own risk. When using the attractions and other facilities, the instructions/rules of use displayed on the signs or given by the park staff must be followed.


    If attractions and facilities are out of use due to maintenance, weather conditions or malfunctions, you cannot claim a refund.


    Use of Black Hill Ranger Path is at your own risk. When using the attractions and/or Black Hill Ranger Path, the following instructions/rules should be followed.

  • Respect the stated guidelines regarding age, height, weight, and health.
  • Follow the guidelines and safety instructions posted on the information boards and follow park staff instructions.
  • Keep hands, arms, legs, and feet in the attraction's vehicle at all times.
  • Make sure that all loose items such as wallets, change, glasses, mobile phones, cameras, scarves, etc. are properly stored away.
  • Do not enter a closed or dismantled attraction/playground.
  • Remain seated when the attraction is in motion until you have been instructed to leave the attraction.
  • Always fasten the safety bar or safety belts provided. Do not try to loosen them or wriggle out of them when the attraction is in operation.
  • Parents/supervisors are always responsible for the children they accompany.
  • If someone does not want to go on a ride, do not force that person to do so.
  • If you observe unsafe behaviour or an unsafe situation during the ride, report this to a park employee immediately.



    An electric car can be charged at one of the charging stations in the central parking lot.

14. Complaints


    If you are not satisfied with the services provided by AVS, you should report your dissatisfaction to the AVS Guest Service on site or at the Sitting Bull Reception, so that AVS may have the opportunity to remedy the situation.


    Should your report not have been satisfactorily resolved, you should submit this in writing during and up to 14 days after you visit via guestservice@slagharen.com.


      If you wish to terminate the contract with AVS prematurely due to a shortcoming, you must report this to the AVS Guest Service or the Sitting Bull Reception before departure. A request for a refund of your payment can only be dealt with if you have notified AVS in advance of        your early termination and if there is an unreasonable attitude on the part of AVS regarding offering a suitable solution to your complaint.

15. Liability


    AVS is only liable for personal injury and/or death if:

  •  a. this is the result of intentional or negligent action and/or breach of duty of (an employee of) AVS.
  • b. the damage has been reported to the Guest Service during your visit to the park; and
  • c. within 2 years after the damage was caused, your claim for compensation is submitted to AVS.


    AVS accepts no liability for:

  • a. Damage not meeting the conditions as stated in 15.1, loss, theft of or damage to your personal belongings during or as a result of a visit or stay in the park.
  • b. The non-functioning, suspension or closing down of attractions and/or other park facilities.


    If AVS is temporarily unable to perform all or part of the agreement due to force majeure, AVS may, within 14 days of being informed of the impossibility of fulfilling the agreement, submit a proposal for amendment.

16. Promotion


    For the promotion of AVS, photos may be taken by AVS, or by order of AVS, on its premises, in which your portrait may appear. AVS reserves the right to use these photos for promotional purposes, such as promotional campaigns and/or brochures, etc. By entering the AVS     premises, you give your consent for the use of any image material in which you are visible.


    It is prohibited to sell services and/or products in the car park, and near or in the park, without explicit written consent from AVS.

17. Applicable law and disputes


    All agreements with AVS are governed by Dutch law.


    In the event of a dispute between AVS and a visitor to the park, the court in the district where AVS has its registered office will be authorized to hear the dispute.


    The invalidity of any clause in these terms and conditions shall not affect the validity of all other clauses. If a clause in these terms and conditions proves to be invalid, the parties shall be deemed to have agreed a valid replacement clause which comes as close as possible to the     invalid clause in terms of its purpose and scope.

18. Guest responsibility


  •  While we comply with applicable regulations, we expect and value that guests use common sense and act responsibly to protect their own health and safety (and that of caregivers).
  •  Guests should read and comply with all rules, recommendations, and warnings. Guests must use the amenities and facilities of the Attraction & Holiday Park Slagharen and all safety equipment provided correctly. Guests who do not comply may be removed from the park without the right to receive a refund.
  • Each guest at the Attraction & Holiday Park Slagharen agrees to behave in a civil and considerate manner towards other guests and park staff. Please respect the park facilities, other visitors, the staff and the surroundings.
  • The park's attractions and facilities can provide our guest with wonderful memories and fun! But they can also pump up your adrenaline. Think of the pressure and forces on the body and senses due to rapid acceleration speed, and the sudden movements that may occur when riding our attractions. This can cause muscle strain and stress on the body, such as in the neck and back, as well as increased heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Do not participate in any activity or ride if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or legal medication or illegal substances that may affect health and/or reference. Do not take part in any activity or ride if you have any health problems or injuries. Only you can determine whether you are physically and mentally able to safely ride an attraction or participate in an activity. It is important to know that there are risks involved with participating.

    18.2 Park operational changes

    To comply with public health regulations and recommendations, and because your safety is our primary concern, some areas and facilities may be closed during your stay. Please read more about the possible closure of facilities on our website, before coming to the park.

    The park rules apply to all areas belonging to the Attraction & Holiday Park Slagharen. In cases not covered by these park rules, the park management's judgement applies.


Last modified on 9 March 2023