Good cause

Every year, the Themepark & Resort Slagharen supports a good cause. In 2022, this cause will be Wereldkinderen (Children of the World)

Themepark & Resort Slagharen supports Wereldkinderen by organizing a special day for adopted children and their families. Children of the World day!

About the foundation

Every child deserves a loving childhood. Children should be able to grow up in the protective environment of a family or relatives. For many children, this right is not a given. Wereldkinderen stands up for the rights and welfare of vulnerable children in developing countries.

Wereldkinderen works together with local organizations that prevent children from ending on the street or in an orphanage. If growing up in one's own family is not possible, we see a local family as a good alternative. If that is not feasible, we mediate in inter-country adoption.

"Every child deserves a home!"

Children of the world

Wereldkinderen (Children of the World) supports projects in countries where it works as a child welfare organization. If growing up with the biological family or in a foster family really is not possible, Werreldkinderen mediates in inter-country adoption. Child safety always comes first.

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