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El Teatro

Discover this extraordinary 4D adventure during your day out at Slagharen.
Type of attraction
 4D Cinema
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: N/A
Accessible for people with disabilities
All Year
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Have a blast in 4D

During this extraordinary 4D adventure, you can enjoy special effects like moving seats, weather simulations and even scents. Sit back, put on those special glasses and enjoy. After about 15 minutes, you'll be back outside, ready for the next adventure.

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The Amazing Maurice

Join Maurice, a large talking ginger cat, and his chatty rat friends in a colorful tale of adventure. With their pied-piper pal Keith, they swindle villagers across the countryside using a clever ‘rat scam.’ But when they meet Malicia, the intellectual daughter of the mayor, their plans take an unexpected turn in the scenic market town of Bad Blintz. As they uncover a mysterious plot accidentally arranged by the ratcatchers, Maurice and his furry rodent friends face the cryptic Rat King, leaving guests to be thrilled by this captivating and humorous 4D Experience



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