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Expedition Nautilus

Are you willing to join the water battle?
Type of attraction
 Waves, Rivers & Pools
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 130 cm
Accessible for people with disabilities
Are you willing to join the water battle?

This attraction is currently closed.

Enter the Expedition Nautilus along with 36 opponents and get ready to enter the water battle. You have three minutes to try to get each other as wet as possible. Remember, the enemy can come from where you least suspect them. If you don't get wet, you'll lose.

Parents, don't worry. There are save and dry places to cheer on the kids. Or have a go yourself in this attraction. (P.S. There is also an opportunity on the sidelines to be a small part of the fight).

This attraction is suitable for anyone with a minimum height of 130cm.

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Haven't bought a ticket yet?

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