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Randy's Playground

Swinging, climbing, and scooping sand
Type of attraction
 Kids playground
Kids and families
Access limitations
Minimum height: 85 cm
Children under 85cm must be accompanied by an adult
All Year
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Swinging, climbing, and scooping sand

Picture this: it's a sunny day. The eldest wants to go on the Gold Rush, so while they join the line, you and the youngest look for a terrace. You glance around and the ideal spot catches your eye. Randy's Playground.

While you sip a nice cup of coffee, the youngest clambers over the courses and obstacles. There, down the slide and hop on the seesaw together. The sand crane is also put to good use shovelling sand around. This one will have fun for a while with all that play equipment. 

You are comfortably seated and when the eldest returns you say: "Go on the roller coaster one more time. I'm fine here." You order another drink. Life is good.

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