White Water

Type of attraction
 Waves, Rivers & Pools
Kids and families
Access limitations
Minimum height: 120 cm
Adult Companion Required
All Year
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Slide down alone or together in a boat at blazing speed!

Will you make it out of this ride with dry clothes?

Requirements for this attraction: good weather and a mum, dad, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma... let's just leave it at an adult. Once you have picked one, grab a boat and walk to the top. When you arrive you heave a sigh and enjoy the view for a minute.

Now it's time to get the boat ready, get in and slide down through the water! Do you have the courage to do it? The required minimum height for this attraction is 120cm, and adults must not weigh more than 95 kilograms. Adult supervision is required.


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Haven't bought a ticket yet?

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