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What would you like to drink?

Compose your own drink, any time of the day. There are three locations with a Soda Factory in the park. Here you will find a wide range of regular and zero sugar soft drinks, but also ice tea or water with a taste. You can choose from over 100 flavors!

A cup is already for sale from € 11.00 at the Guest Service, the Main Store, Music Hall and Fill Up Station. You can fill this reusable cup unlimited for 1 day (1 time every half hour, until 10 p.m.).

1 cup - € 14.50 each

2 cups - € 12.00 p.s.

3 cups - € 11.00 p.s.

On your next visit to Slagharen, you can reuse your cup. You can recharge your batteries for just €9.95 at the Guest Service or Music Hall.

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Haven't bought a ticket yet?