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Win fantastic gifts

Do you already have holiday plans for 2023? Come to Slagharen in 2023! This year we celebrate our 60th birthday, and we want to celebrate this with you! Do you join us? When you book your holiday now, you have a chance to win fantastic gifts that we will raffle off. In addition, you naturally have the advantages that all accommodations are still available in your desired period and you never pay too much.

There's plenty to do in the Wild West...

Swimming in Aqua Mexicana

Swimming in Aqua Mexicana

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Go camping

Go camping

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Win back your entire vacation!

Of course we cannot let 60 years of Slagharen pass unnoticed. Because whoever has his birthday treats! To get you in the party mood, we're giving away different gifts for 8 weeks. Anyone who books a holiday to Slagharen before 1 March has a chance to win one of these great gifts or the main prize: 'Win back your full amount paid'.

Every week we draw the winner of one of the gifts and give a tip of the veil about the winning gift of the week. We will be giving away the stunner of a grand prize after March 1th. Everyone who books or has already booked a holiday has a chance to win one of these gifts! You automatically participate with your booking number. So keep it close at hand.


If you book your holiday on time, you will benefit from several advantages:

  • You are insured of the lowest price on all regular packages
    (shortbreak-, weekend-, midweek- of week package).
  • Your period is often still available, especially useful during school holidays.
  • Your favourite accommodation is usually still available.
  • You have more time to enjoy the holiday excitement.

If you want to book a holiday for 2023, you can select the following arrival and departure days:

  • Arrival on Friday with departure on Sunday or Monday (weekend)
  • Arrival on Friday with departure on Friday or arrival on Monday and departure on Monday (1 week)
  • Arrival on Monday with departure on Friday (midweek)
  • For the campsite, every day is an arrival and departure day, but there is a minimum stay of 2 nights
  •  Between 22/7 and 25/8, arrivals and departures are only possible on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
  • During holidays there are often different periods of stay.

The winners of the early booking campaign

During the early booking promotion, we draw a winner every week from all people who book a holiday to Slagharen from 1 January to 1 March. The first winner will be announced on January 13 and the last on March 3. Winners can contact us to claim their prize at Do not forget to state your booking number. 


Week 1 winner (January 13)

The prize is: a Slagharen suitcase.

The winner is Cindy Börchers.


Week 2 winner (January 20)

The price is: a breakfast delivered to the cottage during the holidays for the whole family.

The winner is Pascal Ervens


Week 3 winner (January 27)

        The price is: a family pizza


Which accommodation do you choose?

Experience the Wild West of Slagharen the whole season!

Experience the Wild West of Slagharen the whole season!