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At this moment we are closed until April 1st 2023. 

Black Hill Ranger Path

Black Hill Ranger Path is currently closed due to major maintenance. 

Are you, like John Wallace Crawford, a real adventurer?

Then Black Hill Ranger Path is the place for you. The climbing park consists of a unique rollglider, climbing walls and a three-level ropes course. Both adventurers visiting the theme park for the day and holiday park guests can purchase tickets for Black Hill Ranger Path.

Discover the trail

It is a very diverse course, consisting of four different parts, in which you face no less than 36 obstacles on the rope course to get to the other side. For the real daredevils there is a 115-metre-long rollglider, unique in the Benelux, which flies you down in just over 30 seconds. For climbing enthusiasts, there is an 8-metre-high climbing wall where you can climb to your heart's delight. Not only that, but there are also several boulders to climb and clamber on.

Black Hill Rangers

On the adventurous journey along the Black Hill Ranger Path, adventurers overcome various obstacles. Like the adventurer John Wallace Crawford, born in Ireland. At the age of 14, John moved with his family to America. John Wallace was the commander of the Black Hill Rangers who guided emigrants across dangerous canyons and impassable trails. For years, he helped them reach the other side along the dangerous routes. Our Black Hill Rangers will help you, like John Wallace, in your climbing harness so you can reach the other side safely.

Discover the different parts

Climbing walls

Climb the 8-metre-high climbing wall while being safely secured. There are different routes for all levels. Entrance to the climbing wall is at an extra charge.

Length requirements
You can get in with any length.

Weight requirements
Minimum 10 kg maximum 150 kg.


Unique in the Benelux is the 115-metre Rollglider! Hanging in a harness, you fly down in over 30 seconds, looking out over Slagharen's Wild West. That way, you can be a real Black Hill Ranger and get down quickly! Entrance to the Rollglider is at an extra charge.

Length requirements
Minimum 120 cm.

Weight requirements
Minimum 35 kg maximum 140 kg.

Rope course

Looking for a real challenge?

The Rope Course consists of 3 levels with different obstacles. Clamber along nets, walk across the footbridge with its wobbly sections or climb the climbing walls. When you have completed level 1, you can move on to level 2, which is even more challenging, and finally, you can, as a real Black Hill Ranger, conquer the most difficult level! Entrance to the Rope Course is at an extra charge.

Length requirements
Minimum 135 cm maximum 205 cm.

Weight requirements
Maximum 120 kg.

Randy & Rosie Show

Randy & Rosie Show


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