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At this moment we are closed until April 1st 2023. 

Autumn break in Slagharen

Experience slagharen in autumn atmosphere

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To Slagharen in the autumn holidays

The days are getting shorter, and nature is turning golden yellow. Slowly the leaves fall from the trees, and we dress ourselves warmer. What are your plans for the autumn holidays? It's time to enjoy your family and do fun activities.

Swimming in Aqua Mexicana

Swimming in Aqua Mexicana

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5 tips during autumn in Slagharen

  1. Discover the Wild West adventure 
  2. Spend the night in the middle of colourful nature
  3. Go visit Randy & Rosie
  4. Slide down the slide in Aqua Mexicana
  5. Become a real Red Bandit in the new Red Bandits Adventure




Experience the Wild West of Slagharen the whole season!

Experience the Wild West of Slagharen the whole season!

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