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At this moment we are closed until April 1st 2023. 

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Indian summer in September

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Indian summer in September

Looking for a fun getaway this September? Come and enjoy an Indian summer at Slagharen! September is often quieter than the summer holidays, so you have extra time to enjoy the theme park or the subtropical swimming paradise Aqua Mexicana. 


Enjoy the indian summer in our theme park. Catch the last rays of the sun in Big Wheel Ferris wheel and enjoy one more refreshing ride in launch coaster Gold Rush. Bad weather? No problem. Step into the indoor Red Bandits Adventure, watch the 4D movie or score a pizza slice at Randy's Pizza and Pasta. In short: come to Slagharen in September!


Swimming in Aqua Mexicana

Swimming in Aqua Mexicana

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Go camping

Go camping

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Included during a stay in September

A stay in Slagharen in September includes the following:

  • Entrance to the amusement park
  • Access to the Aqua Mexicana water park (excluding camping)
  • Access to Sunny Beach
  • Extensive entertainment program during the day and in the evening.
  • Stay overnight in one of our holiday homes, a Wigwam or bring your own camper, caravan, tent or folding trailer to our campsite.

September is ideal to get away together. Enjoy and have fun with the kids. Book a weekend, midweek or week to the Wild West now and go on an adventure with the whole family.

Your next holiday is on the horizon

It seems so long ago already: the summer holidays. Do you need to get away from it all again? Then book a weekend or midweek break in September or October. Then you have another nice trip to look forward to. A holiday in September or early October also means that you do not have to wait as long for your next holiday. Before you know it, the autumn break or Christmas break will have begun.

Enjoying the late summer sunshine

Book a stay with us? Then you get unlimited access to the theme park. Go on an adventure in the Wild West and have fun all day thanks to more than 30 attractions for both young and old. Fly like an eagle in The Eagle, enter the ocean in the Pirate or be transported from one side of the park to the other with the Cable Car 

Don't forget to watch a 4D movie at El Teatro. During this spectacular 4D adventure, you can enjoy effects such as moving seats, weather simulations and even smell. Currently playing is the film Rio. Which is about the world's last two blue macaws. They are captured by smugglers and have to work well together to escape.

A true water paradise

Imagine yourself in Mexican spheres at Aqua Mexicana. This water park is filled with palm trees, slides and delightful subtropical pools. Also enjoy the hot tub, two water playgrounds and a fantastic outdoor beach. Don't forget to try out our three biggest, interactive slides.

Take an occasional break and order a delicious snack and drink at the waterfront. Dry off under the sun on the outdoor beach or cool off a bit by paddling. Forgot your swimwear? Don't panic, come to the Aqua Mexicana Shop and shop from the latest collection of swimwear, bath towels and play equipment for in the water.

Spend the night in Slagharen

Experience the Wild West of Slagharen the whole season!

Experience the Wild West of Slagharen the whole season!

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