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At this moment we are closed until April 1st 2023. 

A magical Slagharen

Dream away during Winter Slagharen

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The park is closed today

Dream away during Winter Slagharen!  Countless lights, atmospheric decoration and Santa Clause and his elf provide the ultimate winter experience. Slagharen is completely immersed in winter atmospheres. There is a large Christmas tree on the Fountain Square and will Santa Clause and his Elf bring just some more magic to the park. 

Information and prices 2024 will follow as soon as possible.

Ice skating

Ice skating

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Aqua Mexicana

Aqua Mexicana

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Entertainment in Slagharen

Entertainment in Slagharen

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Activities during Winter Slagharen

Randy & Rosie Show: the Miracle of Wishaka

Randy & Rosie are shining in their show again this winter! An exciting show full of cheerful songs and new stories; fun for the whole family. The show is all about the wishing tree, which is full of wishes. Randy also has a wish. But it goes all wrong when his wish comes true. Randy & Rosie want the wish to be reversed. But that is not easy. Farmer Frank tells of a mysterious mole who lives deep underground. Maybe he can help... But no one has ever seen him and no one knows if he really exists. Wondering how it will end? Come to the show!

Come and skate during the Christmas holidays

Come to the indoor ice rink for a crazy winter experience. Here it is really the middle of winter. The whole set contributes to this

Bring your own skates to swing on the ice. If you do not have your own skates, you can also rent skates. For the little ones, there is a handy skating aid available, in the form of a seal or reindeer. Would you like to make a pirouette on the ice rink in the Winter Western Village?

In 2023 you can come and skate during the Christmas holidays from 22 december 5 P.M. 

Warm up in the swimming pool

After a cold morning you are happy that Aqua Mexicana opens at 12 o'clock. Warm up in the water or relax in the large bubbel bath, while the children are going on one slide after the other. Even in the middle of winter you will feel like you are in sunny Mexico in Aqua Mexicana.

Staying overnight in Slagharen

Do you want to stay overnight during Winter Slagharen? How about a Nevada or Raccoon Lodge? You can also choose a brand new Red Rock Cottage.  

Discover the new Rancho Grande!

Discover the new Rancho Grande!